, Proudly introduces - “Advanced Ceramic Electrode based Ozone Generators”. We are the pioneers in India using "Detonation Spray Coating Technology", one of the most advanced ceramic coating technologies in the world.

TECHNOZONE has researched, designed & developed high quality Ozone Generators using Ceramic Electrodes which are coated with D-Gun having European Technology, resulting in the highest di-electric strength.

This technology makes our Ozone Generators (Ozonators), the most reliable, effective and efficient in the industry. Guaranteed to provide you with years of trouble-free service in your applications.

These applications range from the simple Domestic/Commercial Air purifiers, Industrial odour removal, RO water disinfection, Swimming pool ozonators, Comprehensive Eco-friendly Aquaculture requirements, Cooling Towers, Process enhancing value addition with chemical-free bleaching in Paper & Pulp industries,  Decolourization in Sugar Mills,  to challenging Effluent Treatment plants in a variety of industries such as Breweries, Textiles, Tanneries, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, and Sewage Treatment Plants.

India's Only Manufacturer of Ceramic Electrode based Ozone Generators
Inbuilt oxygen concentrator
Detonation Spray Coating Technology
High Concentration Ceramic Electrodes
Microprocessor controlled IGBT based technology
High Frequency Low Voltage Technology for rugged 24 X 7 usage
Waste water color removal
Swimming pool water Treatment
Air Purification
RO Plants and Drinking Water Purification
Food Processing
Hotel Rooms
Pharmaceutical Industry
Cooling Towers
Clean in Place Systems (CIP)
Paper and Pulp Industry
Sugar Mills (Cane Sugar Industry)
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